For those of you who have found our website not through my social media I just want to give a quick explanation about who I am! I am Carys Gray, on Instagram as @busybee.carys and YouTube as @busybeecarys ! I really thew myself into fitness about 4 years ago, after meeting my boyfriend James! He taught me lots about the gym and exercise in general. Pretty soon it become a massive part of my life! I started researching the best exercises for the muscles I wanted to target (mainly glutes when I started out!) and also learnt all about macros and tracking nutrition. I have had numerous amazing personal trainers and have had the chance to work with some great people within the industrial. Although I have no official qualifications I am very confident in how I train and in what to do to make the changes that I want to make. I have gone through phases of bulking and shredding as well as times of working on my strength rather than purely aesthetics. I am always changing up my training ways with my 8 week guide being how I have been training to change my body going into the summer. It really takes things back to basics, how I started my training. It's easy to follow in busy gyms with no more than one piece of equipment needed at any one time! I have also been following the meal plans. I tracked macros for years but pre Christmas 2017 went through a phase of not eating healthy and instead fitting anything into my macros that I could. I am a very lazy cook and always make excuses that I don't have the time or energy to cook. This is why I created the meals ideas. The majority of the ideas are very quick and easy to use with a few being a tad more complex for those days that you have a bit more time on your hands. For me, the meals ideas have been a real game changer! 

I have worked with some great people on the training guide and meal ideas who are going to introduce themselves below!



Hello BusyBeers, my name is Connor Swift and I've helped with the creation of this 8 week programme. I am a fully Level 3 Quailifed Personal Trainer with expereince in both Online Coaching and Personal Training indivudals from a wide varity of fitness and gym abilities. I am extremely proud of this training guide which me and BusyBee Carys have teamed up to create. We created this 8 week programme to bring you an affordable training programme which will help you achieve your fitness goals, regardless of your starting point. Using my expereince as both an Online Coach and Personal Trainer, this training guide has been designed to help individuals of all levels, from beginners all the way through to advanced.



I have worked on the meal plans with a fully qualified and experienced nutritionalist. He has been excellent to work with in both the creating and adapting of meal ideas to produce the best book that we can. 

Even though I have eaten many Vegan meals, I wanted to have someone who was more experience in creating vegan meals to help both me and the nutritionalist with the vegan meal ideas. So I enrolled the help of my friend Steph Daives:

"I started my recipe blog - - about 2 years ago to help others create easy and delicious plant-based recipes, and to share my passion for vegan food far and wide! As soon as Carys asked me to help spice up the ‘vegan food ideas’ for the guide I just couldn’t wait to get started! I really hope you enjoy all the delicious recipes as much as I enjoyed helping create them!"